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Welcome to my domain! MUWAHAHAHA! This is limpycsiwombat, the crazy fanatical writer whose latest obsession is my new story, St. John, based off the Cold War Kids, the most awesomeness band in the whole world! Here you'll see me ramble on and on about my stories, get some picspams and other useless junk much much more.

Hope to talk to y'all!

Matthew Gray Gubler Silliness!

Season 7 of Criminal Minds

Might I just say that I am in love with what they are doing to Reid's character in Season 7 of Criminal Minds. He seems a lot more badass than normal. Of course I am really interested into WHY he has suddenly turned into this badass. I hope that here soon we will get to see why he suddenly turned into this awesome character. I'm sure some of it had to do with Prentiss's "death" but I still feel like there is another underlying tone that goes along with it. I know that episode 11 is a Reid-centric episode so maybe we'll get some awesome answers from that episode. Would also like to know what is causing his headaches as well.

So I was at the Mall

So I was at the mall today and my friend and I walked past Aldo and I saw a poster and just stopped. It was this:

But without the Aldo logo on it so I go in and asked, "What do you guys do with those posters when you are done?" and they said they normally throw them away so I asked could I claim it and they told me since they just put it up to come back towards the beginning of Spring when they would take it down and ask for it then because they would probably lose my information so when that times comes IT IS MINE! CHRISTMAS HERE I COME!!!! I was giddy and hyper the rest of the excursion and just wanting to grab that poster and run.


So as of yesterday I have seen every single episode of Criminal Minds! And what is REALLY bad is that you could describe the episode and I probably know the name of it. My top five favorite episodes are as follows:

1. Revelations
2. 100
3. Corazon
4. The Fisher King (Part 1 and 2)
5. The Instincts and Memoriam

Matthew Gray Gubler plays a fantastic role in this great series not to mention directs 2 great episodes (Moseley Lane and Lauren). Dr. Spencer Reid is by far my favorite character and CANNOT WAIT TO SEE WHAT IS IN STORE FOR DR. REID IN SEASON 7. WHEN WILL SEPT 21st BE HERE?!

Can he be any more AMAZING?!

Matthew Gray Gubler reading Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe

MGG Picspam!!!

This is just a teaser! MORE THIS WAYCollapse )


Found on his twitter GUBLERNATION


Latest Interest

My latest interest...Criminal Minds. More specifically, Dr. Spencer Reid! He is so ADORKABLE!!



I am procrastinating so RANDOM PICSPAM FTW